Grit your teeth and get on with it…….Bruxism – gritting or grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. Anyone who suffers from grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw will tell you how painful it can be. It can cause sensitive teeth, headaches, migraines, earache, aching jaw muscles and neck pain, as well as sleep Continue reading »

Post Christmas Blues

Christmas is over and the New Year is nearly here – are you feeling the post Christmas blues? Feeling lethargic, stuffed and bloated and no motivation? Are you thinking about New Year resolutions, will you achieve your goals or even stick with them?  Whatever you goals are in life I could help you to achieve Continue reading »

Who is responsible for your health & Fitness?

Your Health & Fitness. How important is your health and fitness to you? If you were not fit and healthy what could you do, who would look after you? If you are overweight, unfit, eat too much food/chocolate/cake/biscuits/crisps or drink too much alcohol – whose responsibility is it? Reality is that at some point we Continue reading »

Obesity and Weight Loss

Freedom Weight Loss Programme World obesity is predominantly caused by sugar and lack of exercise. Since I put together my Freedom Weight Loss Programme in 2010, I have successfully worked with numerous overweight people. The age range has been from 18 up to 74 and both male and females. Some people even have had bariatric Continue reading »

Sugar Tax

I along with thousands of other people signed Jamie Oliver’s petition for a sugar tax.  Sugar being the biggest contributing factor for childhood obesity in the world today, especially in fizzy drinks.  So it is great news to hear the government will be introducing a sugar tax in 2018, giving the drinks companies time to Continue reading »

Sugar is bad for your health and weight.

Excessive sugar intake is bad for your weight and your health.  Sugar is a taxi and stored as fat by your body. Are you aware that some sugar is good for you and necessary for your body to function and to survive? Natural sugars from fruit and milk sugar can benefit your daily diet. It Continue reading »

Anxiety & Hypnotherapy

Did you know that Hypnotherapy is probably the most successful way to treat anxiety, stress and worries without any side effects? Many different types of medications are used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including traditional anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines, and newer options like antidepressants and beta-blockers. These medications can be very effective, but Continue reading »

Teenagers under pressure.

Hypnotherapy for teenagers. Teenagers have never been under so much pressure – pressure to conform to a certain weight or look, pressure to perform well at school/college/university and it goes on and on.  Is there any wonder then that our teenagers are suffering with stress and anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem and low confidence Continue reading »