Easibirthing – Hypnotherapy for childbirth

Easibirthing – Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

Birth has the potential to be a wonderful experience.  Childbirth is a natural process for a woman to go through and our bodies are fully equipped for it. Every birth is unique and Easibirthing empowers you to manage the birth of your child, instead of being fearful of it.

Our mind has enormous power over our bodies, influenced by what we think, how we feel and our beliefs. There is research showing that hormones, ovulation and other reproductive factors can have an impact on what goes on in your mind.

Do not fear childbirth, that’s the easy part. There is no epidural for Motherhood

In my Easibirthing sessions I teach my clients to use self-hypnosis, visualization, relaxation and breathing techniques; which help prepare your mind and body for a natural birth. You can then use hypnosis for pain management so that when you go into labour, you do so feeling calm, confident and in control both mentally and physically.  It helps you reach a state of deep relaxation whilst in a positive mindset, so that you help -rather than hinder – the natural process of childbirth.

If I had known about hypnotherapy for childbirth when I had my daughter, it would have been a totally different experience for me where I could have felt more in control.

Women who use self-hypnosis techniques are less likely to use pharmacological pain relief during labour, including epidural analgesia and are reportedly more satisfied with the way their pain was managed than those who did not.

 Post Natal Support

One in five new mums will experience a perinatal mental health problem, which occurs in pregnancy or within a year after giving birth.  Mental health issues include; postnatal depression, severe anxiety and stress – some may suffer with eating disorders OCD and bipolar.

Common things new mums may struggle with are; you may feel very much alone, or feel very emotional, crying without reason, feeling exhausted and losing interest in things that used to make you happy.

I will help you to adjust to your new life as parents, to recognize and stop unhelpful thoughts so that you can be the best parents that you can be. I will help you to relax into your new role as a parent so you can be aware of your individual needs and the needs as a couple – as well as the needs of your new baby.

Your priorities are different now and you are on your baby’s schedule rather than your own. You learn to take life one moment at a time and have realistic expectations of what you can accomplish on a daily basis, taking time to adapt to your new life.

Something to keep in mind before getting pregnant, once you are pregnant there is no way around giving birth!

Also it’s perfectly normal to poop during delivery!

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