Exam Stress – Fear of Failure?

Exam Stress!   Fear of Failure?

Exam stress can start when you begin revising and start feeling that you cannot cope.  Maybe, you feel pressure from your family, peers or teachers. You might then worry that you are going to fail your exams or you won’t achieve the grades to get into Uni or get that job you really want.

It can feel quite scary to try to talk to someone about anxiety and stress as you may feel that it’s just you experiencing these feelings and that no-one else feels this way.  One thing I can tell you, is that you are not alone and if you don’t deal with your anxiety and stress it will just get worse.

When we feel anxious, worried or stressed, quite often we speak negatively to ourselves saying things like; ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m stupid’ or ‘I know that I’m going to fail’.  It isn’t easy to replace negative thoughts with positive ones e.g.; ‘This is just anxiety, it wont harm me’ or ‘I will be fine whatever happens’, ‘I can relax, be calm and everything is going to be okay’. If you can stop negative thoughts and self-defeating talk and them with positive thoughts – it will certainly help you.

What is the main reason for failure – I think that it’s exams, what do you think?

You need to remember exams are important, but they are not the only way to succeed. Millions of people have achieved great success in life without doing well in exams. Richard Branson dropped out of university and is now CEO of one of the most successful businesses in the world. However, if you are calm, confident and in control when you sit an exam, it will be more beneficial for you.

If you are having problems at home or with friends, or your girlfriend/boyfriend, this too can add to your anxiety at exam times.  You need to let your teacher/lecturer know if you having any problems or speak to a friend or parent about how you feel. The most important thing is that you seek help and talk to someone, anyone!

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to gain confidence, reduce stress, increase your self-belief and enable you to be calm and in control when it comes to sitting your exams. Hypnotherapy will help you to realise that you have all the knowledge and the ability to recall that knowledge in an exam situation. I can teach you breathing techniques to remain calm and coping strategies for worry, anxiety and stress. We would work on dealing with your fear of failure and diminishing them so that they no longer bother you.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein



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