Obesity and Weight Loss

Freedom Weight Loss Programme

World obesity is predominantly caused by sugar and lack of exercise.

Since I put together my Freedom Weight Loss Programme in 2010, I have successfully worked with numerous overweight people. The age range has been from 18 up to 74 and both male and females. Some people even have had bariatric surgery including Gastric Band and gastric bypass surgery but have struggled with emotional and comfort eating.The reason this weight loss programme is so successful, is because you have freedom from diets, calorie counting, points system, sins and obsessing about food.


People who are overweight usually eat for emotional comfort, or maybe there is an external cure or trigger in their environment prompting them to eat. It could be habitual eating or even an addiction to food. From a young age we are taught to associate every emotions with food and this continues and is reinforced into adulthood.


Diets only work whilst you are on a diet. This programme is about creating a new healthy lifestyle, which looks at coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions in healthy ways. Having choices about what to eat and not to eat, creating an intelligent relationship with food as well as motivation to exercise. It is not a diet in any way.


I have had clients who only needed to lose 10lbs (4.5kg) to others who have lost 6 stone and more (over 38kg). All of these clients needed to take back control of emotional eating, being in denial, portion sizes and moving their bodies (exercise).


I constantly look at ways of improving this programme for clients and tweaking it. With many years of experience working as a Personal Trainer as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist (since 2008), I have come up with a simple formula that works for 99.6% of my clients.


If you would like more information or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my website. Testimonials are available to be read on my website www.yorkhypnotherapist.com

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