Why Exercise is necessary for a Balanced Lifestyle

Who is Responsible for Your Health & Fitness and exercise?

Why is Exercise Necessary for a Balanced Lifestyle?

Did you know that exercise could greatly improve your health and reduce your risk of developing; Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases (that could lead to heart attack, angina or a stroke)? Physical exercise can also have immediate and long-term health benefits as well as helping you to lose weight and improve your quality of life.

Regular daily exercise of 30 minutes or more is one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. It has a positive effect on anxiety, worry, depression and more. Exercise can also help you to let go of anger, relieve stress, improve your overall mood and could even help improve your sleep.

If I could bottle the benefits of exercise and sell it as a pill, I would be worth trillions of pounds!!

 You could view your exercise as something you value – the positive benefits to your wellbeing. Being active doesn’t mean having to join a gym or doing sport; there are lots of ways to be active and it’s about finding something that suits you and your lifestyle. I frequently advise clients to ‘snack’ on exercise, do 3 X 10 minute brisk walks a day or 2 X 15 minute brisk walks, jogs or runs. Dancing is a great way to get fit and helps keep the brain active too. There are many free fitness apps on smartphones that you can do including 7-minute High Impact Training (HIT) sessions.


It takes more than one exercise session to get fit and healthy!

Yes, it takes conscious effort, will power and persistence. Just take it one day at a time and don’t think about next week, 6 months time or even 5 years time. By finding time to be active or exercise today, you are investing in your future health and wellbeing. Self care and taking responsibility for your own health and fitness is a necessity, not a luxury!

Hypnotherapy could help to change your mindset and the way you have viewed exercise in the past. It could help to motivate you or to give you the confidence to try a sport or activity you would love to try. Hypnotherapy could also help to improve your performance in a sport you participate in now; or improve your sleep quality.

As an Internationally qualified Personal Trainer (with many years of experience) I will guide you and give advice as to what activity or exercise would be suitable or most beneficial for your health and fitness, to fit in with your life!

I have found that combining my experience as both a Hypnotherapist and Personal Trainer, results in clients creating a new healthy lifestyle that aided them to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals,







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