Your Health, your body – your responsibility!

Are you responsible for your health and wellbeing?

Your gut health and oral health impact massively on your brain! Whatever bad substances you choose to put into your body; alcohol, sugar, crisps, the wrong type of fat – it all impacts on your mental and physical health – long term.  Poor oral health, type 2 diabetes and drinking alcohol daily can all increase your risk of dementia as you age!

Think about this for a moment….

If you have poor oral health – heres another thought, how close to your brain is your mouth?


Stress, anxiety and depression can impact on your physical health, causing all sorts of ailments and illnesses.  These can causeIBS symptoms, panic attacks, fears and phobias – all of which are made worse by the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind.

Consequential thinking and taking responsibility for  your health can make a huge difference to your health as you age.  Being in denial isn’t an excuse, its being irresponsible.

If you don’t look after your health and wellbeing, who will?

Positive thinking can make a hug difference to how you feel on a daily basis.  It means taking consistent action every day until it becomes a deeply ingrained habit.  Also, be aware of the films and images you play in your mind.  How do you see yourself as an old person? Do you see yourself strong, fit and healthy, living a long and happy life; or do you see yourself weak and frail with poor health?

When you are anxious and stressed your immune system and digestive system stop working, which makes you more vulnerable to illnesses.  Imagine and visualise yourself living life calm, fit, strong, healthy and happy too.

You have a choice on how you live your life.  No one forces you to eat junk food, drink excess alcohol and do no exercise.  You can choose to make positive changes from today – or carry on living the you that you have been living.

Motivational Hypnotherapy/Coaching and EFT are effective ways to combat stress, anxiety and mild to moderate depression.

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