How I can help you lose weight!

Want to lose weight? It’s not about what you eat, it’s about what goes on in your head.

Think about it, from a young age we are taught to associate every emotion with food. Comfort yourself, eat chocolates, you’ve done well so celebrate with chocolates or a meal and wine. You’re bored or lonely eat snacks and have an alcoholic drink. You’re feeling down, so you have a glass of wine or two or three – and so it goes on.

But food is really just fuel and nourishment for your body. It’s not an emotional crutch, your best friend or a comfort. What you really need to do when you find yourself thinking you need to eat or drink is STOP! Ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry or is it a cue or trigger in the environment? Or is it that I am fed up, bore, lonely, angry, frustrated, sad or I don’t like myself or I want to celebrate.”


Get a glass of water and sip it, quite often we mistake dehydration for hunger. When you are dehydrated your cognitive thinking may go and you may have a headache. You may feel tired and weak or dizzy. If you are physically hungry when you have finished the glass of water, get some healthy nutritious food and sit at the table with no distractions and eat it slowly and mindfully. Drinking water throughout the day is so important and not just for your brain it thins your blood too so your heart doesn’t have to work so hard.

Just eat 3 small healthy meals a day!

Sit at at the table with no distractions when you eat. No TV, mobile phone, tablet, book or magazine. Cut your food into small pieces and take a small mouthful at a time, chew slowly and thoroughly before swallowing it. Focus on colours, taste, textures and aromas of the food that you’re eating. Put your knife and fork or sandwich down between mouthfuls. Before you finish your meals, pause and take a breath and be aware of your body digesting. Have you eaten enough, does your stomach feel comfortably full? Can you leave some food on your plate? Better for it to go in the waste bin than on your waste.

Daily exercise.

Exercise is essential for a balanced lifestyle and the benefits both mentally and physically are so numerous. Try to do at least 30 minutes exercise for exercise sake each and every day. Initially if you cannot do 30 minutes at one go, try 3 lots of 10 minutes or 2 lots of 15 minutes – snack on exercise instead of food.If I could bottle the benefits of exercise, I would be the richest woman in the world!Exercise can help you to lose weight.

women exercising for weight loss

Freedom Weight Management Program

My weight management program consists of 6 different motivational hypnosis and coaching sessions after a full consultation. You receive a client pack and link to an MP3 recording. You also receive 6 assignments to complete at each session and on your 6th session you receive a personalised MP3 recording. The program can take up to 12 weeks to complete and you will have all the tools to get you to your weight loss goal with my helping support.

The sessions incorporate creating a healthy lifestyle, having choices, creating an intelligent relationship with food as well as mind management, stress management and motivation to exercise.

This program is about changing the way you think about food, exercise, yourself and your body that helps you to create a healthy lifestyle that fits in with you, your family and your work life – it’s all about you. Sessions are personalised, it isn’t one size fits all.

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