Hypno AntiDepressant Practitioner – unbelievable help available now!

York’s Only Hypno AntiDepressant Approved Licensed Practitioner

 I am proud to announce and celebrate that I am now the only Hypno AntiDepressant Approved Licensed Practitioner in the York area.  Something I have been working towards achieving for quite a while.

What is The Hypno AntiDepressant Programme?

This is a solution-focused programme that supports people who have mild to moderate depression.  It has been featured as a Health Innovation in the Sunday Telegraph.  The Programme is about giving you tools and coping strategies as well as Hypnotherapy and Coaching Support to enable you to move forward in life.


This programme helps to you to de-bug your depression, lift your mood with various techniques and help you to build your self-esteem and confidence. The sessions are extremely motivational, upbeat and positive. Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs, enabling you to manage and move forward from depression in a non-depressing way. Creating a new you so that you can live the live you choose to live – on your terms.

You have 6 sessions to learn coping strategies, guidance to create good routines in daily life, how to change the way you think and act to create a positive and healthy lifestyle that fits in with your family and home life.  You also receive motivational Hypnotherapy in each session. You do get assignments to complete which also help to create a new mindset.

I have no worked with a few people who did suffer with mild to moderate depression and you can read a couple of thought-provoking testimonials below.

York Woman Smashes Anxiety & Depression with Hypno AntiDepressant

Sam Mason reports:

“ I can’t quite believe the difference in how I feel now.  I was feeling massively overwhelmed, frantic and fed up. The overwhelm came from trying to do too much, work and family life get on top of me. Life felt like trying to plough through thick fog and even the simplest of tasks was monumental.

Angie was thorough when explaining to me how the programme and hypnotherapy works. We discussed at length how I was feeling and how I would like to feel. What I love about how Angie works is that she’s very matter of fact in such a positive way. There’s no uncertainty, Angie will help you and you will feel better.

Angie has helped me prioritise my day-to-day tasks and control my anxiety/mild depression with really practical and useful tools. An example of how my mindset has shifted -
In our first appointment, Angie told me to write a To Do List each day with a maximum of 6 things to do that day. I internally scoffed, I was far to busy and had so much to do. Now, after 4 sessions, I struggle to write 6 things. I plan my day, I feel so much calmer! 
I feel more alert, energised and most importantly, I feel happier and this is a huge testament to how much Angie has helped me!

I would recommend Angie to anyone who is struggling with anxiety/mild depression or, anyone who is feeling emotionally stuck, she works wonders!”

York Man Ditches His Depression with Hypno AntiDepressant Programme – Neil

In January I was really struggling with stress and depression. Although I’d had problems with it on and off for a few years, this was the first time it had got so bad that I needed to get support for it. It had started to impact on my life in too many ways to carry on the way I was so I started to look for what treatment was available.

I found Angie via Facebook and was pleased that she was able to see me almost straight away – the NHS offered me a 6-12 month waiting list for support services from them. My only experience of hypnosis before this was on stage in an entertainment show in Tenerife on holiday, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I completed a PHQ-9 questionnaire in advance, so that Angie could get an idea of how bad things were.

At my first session, straight away Angie put me at ease and talked me through her background and experience. I explained everything that was happening with me and what I was hoping to get from the time with her. Angie explained how each session would work and tailored the content to my situation. The treatment room is very relaxing and the perfect environment to relax and open up.

At each session, we’ve re-done the questionnaire and my stress/depression levels have dropped each time. I think this has been due to the calm, confident approach Angie takes to her work and the excellent stress and anxiety management techniques she gave me which complemented the hypnosis itself. I left each session confident with going back into the real world and tackling whatever was coming my way.

I’d like to thank Angie for the compassionate and supportive way she has helped through a difficult period and I would recommend Angie to anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. Thank you Angie!

So if you suffer from mild to moderate depression and want to change, get in touch to find out more.

Change your mindset and change your life.




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