Hypnotherapy for Children in York

Childhood should be free from worries, stress and anxieties, and it should be full of freedom, happiness and laughter. Children are excellent subjects for hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for children has proved to be extremely successful in treating children for both emotional and physical symptoms. Children are used to using their imagination all the time; they live in it on a daily basis which usually makes them very open to hypnotherapy. The doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the imagination. For children, it’s relatively easy to reach at the deepest levels, in a much quicker time than required by a good many adults. Stories, adventures, visualization, imaginative games, role-playing, magic, puppets, and costumes work most effectively with children. Children are far better than most adults at hypnotherapy, finding the state of hypnosis very natural and pleasing.

Issues that can be successfully treated with hypnotherapy include:
doing homework, performing better in the classroom, getting to school and liking it, improving grades, friendlessness, thumb sucking, bedwetting, nightmares and fear of the dark, stealing, low self-esteem, dealing with divorce or death in a family, illness – their own or someone in the family, and a myriad of other problems.


The benefits of hypnosis with children are the same as for adults, as long as their problems are treated as seriously as adults. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in strengthening a child’s confidence. It helps a child to feel empowered where, before, they have been “victim.” It releases willingness to use their natural gifts. It elicits talent and creativity. It provides a wonderful foundation in their education.

With a good hypnotherapist, children can experience true success in their lives in all areas. They feel happier, and have a sense of real freedom.  If your child is unhappy because of an issue they are having problems with, don’t delay, help them to become happy and carefree again; Hypnotherapy can help them achieve this.

I usually work with children from the age of 11 upwards and insist that 1 parent or carer remains with the child throughout any session, (especially if the child is under the age of 16.) Issues that I have been successful with whilst working with children include weight and body issues, stress, anxiety, bed wetting, nail biting, hair pulling and confidence as well as separation issues.