Hypnotherapy for children & teenagers

Childhood should be free from worries, stress and anxieties, and it should be full of freedom, happiness and laughter. Children are excellent subjects for hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for children has proved to be extremely successful in treating children for both emotional and physical symptoms. Children are used to using their imagination all the time; they live in it on a daily basis which usually makes them very open to hypnotherapy. The doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind is the imagination. For children, it’s relatively easy to reach at the deepest levels, in a much quicker time than required by a good many adults. Stories, adventures, visualization, imaginative games, role-playing, magic, puppets, and costumes work most effectively with children. Children are far better than most adults at hypnotherapy, finding the state of hypnosis very natural and pleasing.

Issues that can be successfully treated with hypnotherapy include:
doing homework, performing better in the classroom, getting to school and liking it, improving grades, friendlessness, thumb sucking, bedwetting, nightmares and fear of the dark, stealing, low self-esteem, dealing with divorce or death in a family, illness – their own or someone in the family, and a myriad of other problems.

Teenage stress and anxiety is on the increase and with Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram online pressure to look a certain way, be perfect etc it is becoming a difficult world to live as a teenager.  Research has shown that both Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) have proved to be extremely successful for helping teenagers with various issues including low self esteem, confidence, self harming, exam stress, panic attacks, anger management as well as phobias and other issues.  Add to all of these, bullying, peer pressure, the need to fit in, finding their own identity, body confidence/issues, is there any wonder that life can be so hard for a teenager?

De-stress with friends
calm & relaxed

Hypnotherapy is a safe therapy which will help and teach teenagers how to relax and let go of negative thoughts and beliefs.  Some teenage beliefs may stem back to an off the cuff comment made by a grandparent about them being chubby,  made when they were a young child or any other negative comments made by family, teachers etc.  Comments made as a child/teenager forms their core beliefs, which in turn will shape them for the rest of their lives – believing what they are told.  If a child has pushy parents who constantly demand success from them and want them to work harder to achieve more, then that child may end up unhappy with themselves or not satisfied with their performance.

Bullying can be one of the worst things that can happen to a teenager and with the increased use of social media on the internet the bullying can be relentless 24 hours a day.  Hypnotherapy for teenagers and EFT can give a teen back control in their life, a coping mechanism to get through life until they are free from the bullying and moving forward with their life.

I thoroughly enjoy working with teenagers as they can be brutally honest, they say it as it is, and they can be more open to alternative therapies than some adults. Working with teenagers can be extremely rewarding.

During the Hypnotherapy process I give the teenager new alternative positive suggestions, these can be matter of fact, images or metaphors, this helps the teenager to create positive changes in their life.