Insomnia, sleep deprivation and Sleep Therapy.

Insomnia, help, I feel like a zombie most days.

Do you feel constantly tired, you’re not sleeping well at all?  Does your partner snoring wake you up or keep you awake or do you get off to sleep to find yourself awake in the early hours of the morning unable to get back to sleep?

How serious is sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation not only affects the amount of energy you have but it can also take it’s toll on your mental and physical health;th.  Chronic sleep deprivation suffered have an increased risk of top two diabetes, cardio vascular disease, obesity and depression.  It can feel like a massive hangover but without touching any alcohol!

Anxiety can cause insomnia; excessive worrying about the future or feeling really overwhelmed by your responsibilities can also contribute to insomnia.  If you are a shift worker this can confuse your body clock and cause a lack of sleep too.

How can I get a good night’s sleep?

You need to have a good bedtime routine in place to get a good night’s sleep, your body needs consistency – going to bed at the same time every night (even at weekends) is the best way to achieve it.  However, going to bed late on Friday and Saturday nights isn’t good as it is like living in two different time zones.  Not having a good bedtime routine in place also impacts on your sleep quality.  If you had a good bedtime routine as a child, think back to how well it worked for you.

Some people have great difficulty getting off to sleep whilst others may have difficulty staying asleep and find themselves wide awake at three o clock in the morning and unable to get back to sleep.  Sleeping pills may work for a while but most people say that they feel like death warmed up the next day with a foggy mind unable to think clearly.  Though you may feel relaxed when you go to bed and get off to sleep easily; overall it is more disruptive to sleep particularly in the second part of the night.

Sleep therapy and in particular Hypnotherapy could help you to overcome poor sleep quality or some of the issues that are causing your insomnia or lack of sleep.  As well as hypnotherapy sessions to help you overcome anxiety, stress and insomnia, I frequently record a sleep MP3 for clients to listen to, which improves their sleep quality and gets them back into a normal, healthy sleep pattern.  Over the years I have successfully helped many people to overcome sleep issues and I could help you too.

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