New Year Resolutions 2022

New Year, New You and Failed Resolutions.

Why do we feel pressurised very year into coming up with unrealistic New Year Resolutions?  Resolutions that we have absolutely no chance of sticking to and you may have already failed by now.  We beat ourselves up and feel guilty about failing again.

Wouldn’t it be better if you focused on being a better version of you – an updated version of yourself, by making small changes?  Look at how you can improve without setting yourself up to fail.  Instead of saying you’re joining a gym, going to lose 3 stone and have a dry January – just focus on one thing. Put off joining the gym and get out for a daily walk (10,000 steps a day), or do a dance class etc. If you start exercising daily, you will also start to feel better mentally and physically.  Look at reducing portion sizes instead of going on a restrictive diet (diets don’t work) and choose healthier options for meals. Cook from scratch and learn new recipes.

Change, you can make changes to your life. New year resolutions.

Focus on achieving one small step at a time.

If you drink alcohol every day, start by having 4/5 days alcohol free, then think about stopping for a month.

If you are looking for a promotion at work and lack confidence, have self-doubt, then look for ways to improve your confidence.  Hypnotherapy is an effective to improve confidence and self-esteem.  Research the job and ensure that you have the necessary skills required.

Feeling stressed, anxious or blue?

Post-Christmas blues can make you feel down in January and February.  There is such a big build up and hype, so much expectation around Christmas – then nothing.  An amazing Christmas gone, and you’re sad to see it go.  Or maybe it was a huge let-down with family arguments, too much alcohol and too much food.

Use a notebook, write down how you feel and let it go, don’t dwell on your feelings, or bottle them up.  Talk to someone about how you feel, seek help if you’re struggling. If you cannot speak to a family member or friend, there are lots of therapists and help available online.  Here is a link to a pdf with 10 key things for happiness

If you need help with stress, anxiety or mild to moderate depression – I can help and support you.

Over the last 2 years I have worked with so many people suffering with anxieties, stressed and overwhelmed.  Having everything taken away from us during the lockdowns and still having restrictions can make us fearful or worried about the future.  You may then start to catastrophise about things and have panic or anxiety attacks. You are creating a future in your mind that hasn’t happened.  I can help you to stop doing this.

If you have any questions or would like some support and advice, get in touch.  I offer free confidential consultations via zoom or over the telephone.

If you do nothing and expect change, nothing will change. If you do what you’ve always done, then you will get what you’ve always got.  Change has to start with you. Think about what you would to change in life, things you have control over.  The things you cannot change, can you change the way you think about them?

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