Debbie Glover (Head of Poppleton Road Primary School) 2016

Stress Therapy Workshops.
Some feedback from the session on Monday. Some of the staff had some trepidation about attending a Stress Therapy Workshop however I have had nothing but positive feedback. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and felt they could participate 100%. They found it realistic, useful and lovely just to get the chance to sit and think of themselves. They all felt very relaxed after the session and they came away with some practical methods to alleviate stress. They thought that the session was very down to earth and realistic and I have certainly heard some of the methods being used around school e.g. ‘Well I am a lot to be thankful for’ and ‘What do I want my goal to be’

Bridget Davies (Managing Director at Minster FM)

Details of the Recommendation: “Studies have found that stress causes many health problems and we invited Angie to bring her expertise to host a stress-busting workshop with the team and give them some simple stress relief tips that could both lower their stress and lower health risks. Angie did a comprehensive fact find to establish our needs and then arranged a time to return that suited us to facilitate the workshop. Angie is a consummate professional who was thorough, punctual, reassuring, discreet, personable and highly skilled. I would not hesitate to recommend her for both business and personal sessions. The workshop was Friday before a bank holiday and really set up the team for a relaxed bank holiday weekend and had them firing on all cylinders the following week.”
Service Category: Stress Therapy Workshop
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ginni Guttery (Local Link)

Angie is a professional and highly motivated person who always delivers on results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Sharon Mustard (easibirthing)

As a qualified easibirthing practitoner, Angie has consistently shown professionalism and passion for her work. It is a pleasure to work alongside her.

Margaret Lupton

“I have known Angie in a professional and personal basis for many years and always find her very warm and engaging. She is the consummate professional in her work as a clinical Hypnotherapist which shows in the terrific results she achieves in her Hypnotherapy practice in York. She has a great sense of humour which works well when defusing any nerves people may have when embarking on an initial hypnotherapy consultation. Angie also has a great approach to learning & development and is always at the leading edge of new working practices. I am delighted to recommend Angie.”

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