Lisa's testimonial – who’s son was struggling with fears

Angie, thank you so much.  Our 9 year old son is no longer afraid at bedtime of the dark, clowns, or going upstairs on his own,; all of which had been causing him anxiety.  A huge transformation, even after just one session.  It is wonderful to see him happy and confident, free from all the anxiety and worry.  He enjoyed both sessions with you, and we would definitely recommend you to other parents who are seeking help for children with fears or anxiety.

Sue's testimonial – who’s daughter was struggling with getting to sleep/separation anxiety

We visited Angie as our 11 year old daughter had been struggling with getting to sleep/separation anxiety. As this has been an issue for numerous years, we decided to to visit our GP. We were not given a great deal of support, so we visited a child psychologist. After a couple of sessions things improved a little, although I didn’t feel it was the right support to help our daughter. She is a bright, happy little girl who over time has just built up a phobia about getting to sleep. I had read several articles about how hypnotherapy may help with sleep issues. I decided to research this and discovered Angie! I was a little sceptical about it, but my husband and I decided to meet Angie to discuss how she may be able to help.

I took our daughter for a couple of sessions with Angie and she seems so much happier within herself and more importantly, bedtimes have certainly improved! If only we had tried this route first of all! Angie is a professional, warm and friendly individual. We cannot recommend her enough. We just wish we had discovered her earlier!

Lynne's testimonial – who’s daughter Em suffering with anxiety

Angie – you are my angel. When I brought Em to you after starting secondary school in September I was at my wits end. She was suffering dreadful anxiety which was affecting us all. She was making herself ill at the thought of going to school and wasn’t sleeping on a night. We are about to have our 5th session which you think may be our last and you have worked a miracle. Em is now loving school (including the homework!) and sleeps like a baby again. By teaching Em a number of techniques she has conquered all her anxieties and is using them regularly. You have made such a difference to our family life, we can never thank you enough. Keep up the fantastic work.