Therapy in the Comfort of Your Own Home


Yes, you read that right, therapy in the comfort of your own home.  So if you have considered seeking help with an issue but then thought you haven’t got the time, you can’t fit it in due to work, childcare issues etc. – worry no more.

I moved my services online within a month of Lockdown beginning. Zoom is a secure and safe platform to use for therapy and I now offer all of my services online via Zoom.  I come to you in the comfort of your own home to whichever room is the most comfortable for you.  You don’t have to think about time spent travelling to get to me, traffic or parking.  Perhaps, before the lockdown you may have had to take an hour or two to travel to my clinic for a session.  Now, however, with my online sessions – all of the time spent travelling is yours to do with as you please!

The best part – Hypnotherapy is just as effective via online sessions, as it would be in my Therapy Room face to face, if not more so. Why? Mainly down to the fact you don’t have to worry about travel, and you always feel comfortable in your own home.  You can sit on your sofa or on your bed, somewhere you can feel safe and relaxed.

If you were not able to see me before due to any disability, difficulties with travel, childcare etc., perhaps now is the time to consider working with me on your issues online.


Pandemic, Freedom and the New Normal!!

 It’s great to be back to some form of normality. A lot has changed since 23rd March 202 when we went into Lockdown.  Initially a lot of people felt afraid and anxious about Covid-19 and going into Lockdown. We then settled into time spent at home, daily exercise, crafting and new hobbies and the new going out out – a trip to the supermarket. We became teachers, carers and started looking at our self-care, family and friends – then we became experts on Zoom, WhatsApp and TikTok!

I have loved getting out for my daily exercise. Walking through York’s deserted streets and along the riverbanks of the River Ouse.  I have enjoyed seeing the seasons change from Spring to Summer and watching the goslings and ducklings grow in Rowntrees Park.  It is nice to see more people out and about enjoying quality time with family and friends and doing some daily exercise.

Most people I talk to on a daily basis say their anxiety/stress levels have increased as we are coming out of Lockdown; fearful of our new world, going back to work, mixing with other people outside our family bubble. 

Whatever happens, I am working in a safe way for you, to help you become calm, in control of your thoughts and emotions, whilst feeling confident to move forward in life. If you have mild to moderate depression I can help you to de-bug your depression with motivational hypnotherapy and coaching.

If you need help to manage your weight effectively, reach and maintain your goal weight – without beating yourself up, self-sabotaging or getting into a negative thinking spiral – I can help you. All you need to do is get in touch so that we can have a free, confidential telephone call which enables you the opportunity to ask any questions and I can then offer advice accordingly. Moving forward from there, we can book any sessions in and I will explain how the online sessions work and what I expect from you, whilst working together to reach your goal/s.

Change your mindset & change your life!

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