The Freedom Weight Management Program puts YOU IN CONTROL!

Freedom from diets!

Ditch the diets and stop obsessing about food. Get rid of your food addictions, cravings, emotional eating and habitual eating. Learn to love yourself and even love your body.

This program takes you on a journey from negative thinking about food, diets and exercise to develop a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle where you make the right choices about the food you eat and the exercise you do on a daily basis.

You will create an intelligent relationship with food and exercise, stop the negative self talk and self sabotage. You are going to let go of the guilt and shame, the self disgust and actually enjoy going shopping for clothes in the size you choose to be.

What You Receive in the Freedom Weight Reduction Programme Package:

  • 1
    Six motivational hypnotherapy sessions with me (Angie Doig-Thorne)

    Each session is personalised to you and the sessions include - creating a healthy lifestyle, having choices, mind and stress management, creating an intelligent relationship with food and motivation to exercise.

  • 2
    Relevant guidelines for nutrition & exercise and client handouts
  • 3
    2 weight reduction recordings, MP3 (1 personalised), each 20-40minutes in length
  • 4
    Freedom Weight Loss Programme – Client assignments each session
  • 5
    My vast experience and expertise as a Hypnotherapist, Coach and as a Personal Trainer to guide and advise you on a safe exercise routine to incorporate into your daily life.

This program puts the control into your hands and enhances the sensible healthy choices you make about food and exercise.  The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress. Once you have attended all 6 sessions, you will be well on your way towards reaching your goal weight.  New good healthy habits will be formed and ingrained in both your conscious and your subconscious mind.  You will have all the tools and methods you need to continue the program on your own - not just to reach your goal weight but be able to maintain it.  Top up sessions are recommended and are personalised to you. You receive my full support via telephone, text and messenger throughout the program and afterwards too.

The best outcome is achieved by us working together in a partnership, I can give you hypnotherapy sessions and offer guidance, and the rest is up to you (conscious effort).  The more committed you are, the more likely you are to succeed.  As a Weight Management Specialist I believe that this is one of the most effective ways to reduce your weight and maintain it.

Weight Reduction Results in Yorkshire

Some of my clients have reduced their weight by over 7 stone (44.45kg) in weight in 2 years, others have shed 3 (19.05kg) or 5 stone (31.75kg) over similar or shorter periods of time.  Whatever your weight reduction goal, this could be the way forward for you to live a longer, lighter and healthier life. One client had attended a well known slimming club for 40 years and spent a fortune on weekly weigh-ins, weight loss foods and products and continually obsessed about food.  She is now living life free from all of the obsession about food, getting weighed etc.  If she can do it so can you.

Read testimonials here Weight Management Testimonials in Yorkshire with Angie Doig-Thorne

You may just want to be more in control of your eating habits, cut down on sugary foods and be motivated to drink more water and exercise. You may only need to reduce by 10lbs, or you may have been advised to lose 4 stone or more – this programme will still work for you to reduce your weight and keep it off permanently.


You have to want something more than cake, biscuits, chocolate, alcohol or crisps – to be slim, fit and healthy and this takes consistent action and being motivated.

Go from feeling fat and ugly, tired, ill with no confidence or self esteem - to -  feeling trim, healthy, fit, happy and confident.  Feel confident in your clothes and your body, confident moving your body. Enjoy shopping for clothes you love and that fit so well instead of buying clothe that cover the fat and bulges.

Learn to feel good about yourself and life again, be the best version of you.

This is what Sally said after completing the program:

It works….I was a typical yo-yo dieter for 30+ years, aspiring to be the size and shape I was in my early 20’s but never reaching my goal; making an effort one day but not the next and not able to maintain my motivation. A photograph opened my eyes to the reality of what I had become; I did not relate to the person in the photograph and yet I know that was how others see me. That was my wake up call, I was both embarrassed and ashamed and I needed to face up to the fact that it had been my choice (to be in denial) and now (more importantly) it is my choice to do something about it.

I was worried about (yet another) failure, to add to my list of many historical failures. I felt as though as I was getting older (and fatter), my physical health was being impacted by my size and time was running out because at some point losing the weight would be even harder if I could not exercise.

On the day of my first session I dusted off the weigh scales and got on. I should not have been surprised that my weight was higher than I had anticipated, however I was not going to give in at the first obstacle. I had paid my money up front, as requested, and despite wanting to run for the hills (not that I could run) I arrived at Angie’s home/office in her garden. Immediately I got the sense that Angie was non-judgemental and had the time for me to talk to her and for her to get to know me a little more. I am quite guarded, suspicious and cynical and did not wish to gush out my 30 years of angst.

Angie gave so much information in that first session that I struggled to recall it all and she gave practical actions (homework) to do that I felt empowered with a renewed sense of purpose. As for the hypnotherapy, I was thinking “I am not going to like this” and “I will resist” but I didn’t. Why would I when I was investing so much hope (and money) into this process? The hypnotherapy was a lovely relaxation session and Angie said so many things that resonated and made sense in a very supportive way, allowing me to question why I did things currently and how I could think differently.

At the end of that first session I went on my way with all the tips and hints racing in my mind, an appointment for the following week and a recording to listen to every day. Listening to this daily is so important as it continues to affirm your new way of thinking, creating my subconscious ‘block’ to returning to old habits.

After week 1, I shed 5lbs. Brilliant. Every day I make the commitment to listen to the recording and to follow every step Angie promotes. My weight has continued to reduce (25lbs now) and my exercise has increased. I love my Fitbit and creating a ‘group’ with family and friends has tapped into my competitive side. I have changed my routines, plan my shopping and meals, walk further, look for opportunities to use calories through exercise and I have more energy than I have had for a long time.

My resting heart rate has dropped so much in the past three months and to see that impact on my physical health has been such a motivation for me to invest in my future heathy life. No more will I be in denial but I am committed to continue to make changes to reverse my weight gain and reach my goal weight.

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