Weight Loss Specialist in York

Weight Loss Specialist in York – Angie Doig-Thorne can help you to achieve your goal weight safely and permanently.

LOSE FAT AND GET FIT WITH HYPNOTHERAPY – leave behind the excess weight and fat that you no longer need or want.

Are you one of those people who seem to be constantly on a diet or obsessing about food? You lose some weight – you put it back on. Each time you feel even more miserable than you did before.  Does this sound familiar to you?

What would it be like to not obsess about food, to not be on a permanent diet, to actually enjoy eating mindfully, to be able to enjoy exercising, easily and naturally?

What would it be like to actually enjoy the life you live, able to enjoy eating and socialising without the constant worry about calories, points, sugar and fat?

I know how you feel! As a weight loss specialist in York, I have worked with hundreds of people just like you who wanted to lose weight permanently. People like you, who want to be confident again, to be able to look in the mirror and like how they look and feel. I know how much of a struggle life can be trying to find clothes that, look good and feel comfortable.

Losing weight and keeping it off are much, much easier than you probably think…The healthiest way to lose weight is not necessarily the quickest way to lose weight.

Diets don’t work because they program you to think about food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Diets and even surgery do not deal with emotional eating, whether you are stressed, bored, celebrating or because you can. Diets don’t deal with Head Hunger.

Lose weight text with measure tape and fruits               i_feel_good_i_feel_great_i_feel_wonderful_button-r1e5b809f7abd4614ac969f6b6640643f_x7j3i_8byvr_512               life is not a diet

My Freedom weight loss programme can help you to lose that excess weight, reach your goal weight and size and maintain it.As a Weight Loss Specialist I am dedicated to the idea that this weight loss should be permanent and healthy. No more dieting, starvation, feeling deprived or just hungry. It is about lifestyle changes, dealing with food issues and working in partnership with me to get rid of that excess weight.

The reason hypnosis is such a powerful tool for weight loss is it’s potential to help you build new healthy habits. This is ideal for easy, natural weight loss, thus creating a happier, confident more energised you.

Using the latest Hypnotherapy techniques let me help you to re-programme your mind and body into an intelligent and healthy relationship with both food and exercise.  Get rid of all your unwanted, unhealthy eating habits, food addictions and excused about food and exercise. Take back control of your life; stop obsessing about food, diets and when you next meal is going to be.With my knowledge and expertise let me guide you into a safe exercise routine that you can fit into your daily life and is easy to stick with.

I have helped hundreds of people to achieve their weight loss goals whilst improving their health, fitness and lifestyle. These people have not only reached their goals but are successfully maintaining their weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Over a number of regular sessions, hypnotherapy for weight loss can help an individual to change their eating habits, which causes a steady, permanent weight loss over a period of time.

I offer my full support throughout the time clients are attending sessions for weight loss/control and continued support thereafter.

How would it feel if you were healthy, trim, active fit and at your ideal weight? 

Fact – sugar is more addictive than cocaine and only 4g of sugar i.e. equal to a teaspoon of sugar. Don’t forget to check labels of so called healthy and low fat food. Next time you go grocery shopping just take a few moments to look at labels and check the sugar content.

Fact – excessive amount of sugar and fat and doing very little exercise does make you fat.

Fact – there can be a huge amount of sugar in alcohol, therefore alcohol can make you fat too.

Fact – sugar and alcohol are toxins, your body doesn’t know what to do with them so stores them as fat.