These Weight Reduction Testimonials are from real people who have struggled with their weight reduction in Yorkshire and beyond.  They may have reduced their weight on a diet, stuck to various slimming clubs for years but always put the weight back on; usually because they have not dealt with the issues that have caused them to overeat, not exercise or eat portions that are way too big.

Steve (69) – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I wanted to lose some weight after realising that each year my weight was increasing despite leading a fairly active lifestyle. I had tried personal trainer programmes and occasional diets, but the results were never more than temporary.

While reading a short article entitled “ Dieters – Why you exasperate me! “ by Angie Doig – Thorne, my attention was drawn to the potential that hypnotherapy offered to changing attitudes and habits, particularly in my case towards food and drink consumption. I was attracted to the possibility that I might be able to develop a new or modified approach in my mind, to what and how I ate and drank.

So I contacted Angie by phone and after a very helpful conversation I said I would think about it and get back to her. I did more research on line and read the arguments for and against hypnotherapy, and concluded that on balance it was worth pursuing. So I signed up for six one hour sessions with Angie over a 3 month period. Angie’s programme was intensive, thorough, professional, and extremely well delivered. She is firmly focussed on your issues and circumstances. She enables you to develop a different way of thinking about, and changing, your eating and drinking habits, your life goals and general lifestyle.

Over a 3 month period my weight gradually dropped by 21 pounds. Angie gave me the equivalent kettle bell weight to hold and it was a shock to experience what the weight felt like. I simply started to own and put into practice the thinking and techniques Angie had passed to me via discussion and hypnotherapy in each session . I am in a much better place both physically and mentally. I continue to lose weight at the rate of circa 2 pounds per week and will do so until I reach my target weight. As a result of taking part in this programme I look forward with confidence, knowing that I have been helped to internalise the right approach and mindset regarding food and drink consumption that will enable me to enjoy both a healthy and active lifestyle. Thank you Angie.

Martin (72 years young) – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I’ve been on diets all of my life and have always lost weight and put it back on again once the diet had stopped. To try something different I decided to try hypnotherapy with Angie and I’m pleased that I did.
My first session lasted quite a long time as I explained what I wanted to do which was to lose about a pound every one or two weeks over a long period of time as I think that doing it this way I’ve a better chance of keeping the weight off. I aimed to lose four stones and about four inches from my waist. Angie explained how the course worked, gave me advice on what types of food to eat and when then I had my first experience of being hypnotised.

As a result of the first session I immediately dropped form four meals a day to three, ate some different things as Angie had advised and had smaller portions. I found no trouble in keeping to this new regime and found that I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t have believed that I could have a small meal at 6.30 pm and nothing else, apart from drinks, until 8.00 next morning without feeling hungry.
I’m now four months along and have lost two stones; I’ve also had to put some new holes in my belts and buy some smaller clothes.
I can certainly recommend Angie’s hypnotherapy method of weight loss as I’ve found it very easy to do and fully expect to hit the target I’m aiming for but there’s no rush.

Sam – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I chose to have Hypnotherapy after I had seen how effective it was for my 10 year old son who was lacking in confidence, when I brought him to see Angie. Angie also helped my husband to stop smoking in just 1 session – he hasn’t touched any tobacco products since.

I have tried various diets previously and decided to complete the Freedom Weight Reduction Programme. I no longer obsess about food. It’s not so much about reducing my weight any more after developing a healthy lifestyle, more a positive mindset and being free from all the negative things to do with dieting.

I have a different relationship with food now and I think very differently about many things. I have reduced my weight by 2 stone (12.7kg) in 17 weeks and will keep going to reach my goal weight and be able to maintain it. I really enjoy exercise now, even running. I have done the couch to 5km training and now manage to run 5km, which I never thought I would be able to do.

Sally- Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

It works….I was a typical yo-yo dieter for 30+ years, aspiring to be the size and shape I was in my early 20’s but never reaching my goal; making an effort one day but not the next and not able to maintain my motivation. A photograph opened my eyes to the reality of what I had become; I did not relate to the person in the photograph and yet I know that was how others see me. That was my wake up call, I was both embarrassed and ashamed and I needed to face up to the fact that it had been my choice (to be in denial) and now (more importantly) it is my choice to do something about it.

My resolve was made up and I reflected hard and deep to understand why I consistently could not address my weight. I came to conclusion that although I knew what I should do I did not have the inner resolution to maintain it and concluded that it was my state of mind that needed adjusting, rebooting, call it what you will but a change in the core of my thought processes was required to trigger a subconscious ‘STOP’ when reverting to poor eating. I researched, amongst other things, hypnotherapy and searched for hypnotherapists’ in York; Angie’s page stood out. I read the testimonials and felt inspired that this could work for me. I made a tentative email contact at first; I wanted to understand what I would be committing to in terms of time, and financially, of course. This was followed up with a telephone conversation and an accidental Facetime but by this time, the ice was broken and I was feeling committed to the Freedom Weight Loss programme; six sessions, with the first three dates scheduled in my diary, all of my back pay from my pay award and the resolve to see it through.

I was worried about (yet another) failure, to add to my list of many historical failures. I felt as though as I was getting older (and fatter), my physical health was being impacted by my size and time was running out because at some point losing the weight would be even harder if I could not exercise.

On the day of my first session I dusted off the weigh scales and got on. I should not have been surprised that my weight was higher than I had anticipated, however I was not going to give in at the first obstacle. I had paid my money up front, as requested, and despite wanting to run for the hills (not that I could run) I arrived at Angie’s home/office in her garden. Immediately I got the sense that Angie was non-judgemental and had the time for me to talk to her and for her to get to know me a little more. I am quite guarded, suspicious and cynical and did not wish to gush out my 30 years of angst.

Angie gave so much information in that first session that I struggled to recall it all and she gave practical actions (homework) to do that I felt empowered with a renewed sense of purpose. As for the hypnotherapy, I was thinking “I am not going to like this” and “I will resist” but I didn’t. Why would I when I was investing so much hope (and money) into this process? The hypnotherapy was a lovely relaxation session and Angie said so many things that resonated and made sense in a very supportive way, allowing me to question why I did things currently and how I could think differently.

At the end of that first session I went on my way with all the tips and hints racing in my mind, an appointment for the following week and a recording to listen to every day. Listening to this daily is so important as it continues to affirm your new way of thinking, creating my subconscious ‘block’ to returning to old habits.

After week 1, I shed 5lbs. Brilliant. Every day I make the commitment to listen to the recording and to follow every step Angie promotes. My weight has continued to reduce (25lbs now) and my exercise has increased. I love my Fitbit and creating a ‘group’ with family and friends has tapped into my competitive side. I have changed my routines, plan my shopping and meals, walk further, look for opportunities to use calories through exercise and I have more energy than I have had for a long time.

My resting heart rate has dropped so much in the past three months and to see that impact on my physical health has been such a motivation for me to invest in my future heathy life. No more will I be in denial but I am committed to continue to make changes to reverse my weight gain and reach my goal weight.

Christopher – weight reduction

We all know that reducing weight is not so much about food but about what goes on in your head. But all too often it’s impossible to fix the head without help. I am happy to tell you that Angie can show you how to change those self-destructive habits. I now eat half as much as I used to; I don’t feel hungry and I feel energised and in charge. No more diets for me.

James – Chocolate Addiction

Just want to say how cool Angie is. She has helped me let go of an addiction to chocolate that I’ve since I was a toddler. I have also given up sweets and adding numerous teaspoons of sugar to tea and coffee. I have shed a ton of fat, I’m healthier, fitter and feel so much better – I actually like myself now. Many thanks Angie

Julie S – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

Ange is professional at all times and I cannot thank her enough for helping me to build a new and better relationship with food, which I have always struggled with. Could definitely recommend Angie.

Julie and Peter

After Christmas 2015 I decided that I needed to reduce our weight.I went to see Angie in January 2016 along with my husband and since her very successful program I have shed 21lbs and my husband 18lbs.
We still listen to the tape she gave us when we need a booster, but 9 months later we are still keeping the weight off.
I recommend Angie to everyone who asks how I did it!!

Recently (2017) we had top up sessions to get us back on track after a long holiday abroad and it has worked again, quickly getting back on track.


Elaine – update

Hi Angie

Been meaning to get in touch to give you an update.

Our holiday was fab! got in the airplane seat comfortably and got the tray down!!! to say we were all inclusive i only ended up putting 1lb on (probably the alcohol) i really couldn’t believe it. As of last wednesday im now down to 16st 1lb so 2 and a half stone lighter. it seems to be coming off slow and steady.

It was very wierd being faced with an all you can eat buffet and thinking “ohhh look at all the lovely salads and fruit” rather than going straight to the dessert counter ( i didnt even notice they had a chocolate fountain till my husband used it).

so all in all things going well.

thank you so much!


Elaine – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I have just had my last of 6 sessions over 12 weeks with Angie and in this time I have lost 25lb – the easiest 25lb I have ever lost.

Having been over weight all my adult life and having failed miserable at every diet going, always managing to lose a bit but then getting fed up with having to calorie/syn/point count and in a very short space of time put that weight plus a bit more back on. Always falling back into the same destructive eating habits.

So, it was time to try something different, hypnotherapy, and I am both surprised and highly delighted with how things are going. Angie is a genuinely caring person and I felt at ease straight away, she explained how to follow her eating plan before starting the hypnosis. If you have never experienced hypnosis before all I can say is its not like you see on the TV, I found it to be very relaxing. Over the weeks Angie has given me the tools and the ability to take control not only of my eating habits but my life, there is a long way to go still but I AM going to get to my goal and I know that Angie will be there to support me if or when the going gets tough.

After my first session I remember saying to Angie how soon will this take effect and how will I know, she smiled and said just wait and see. Well I didn’t have long to wait on arriving home my usual routine would be, put the kettle on, make a coffee and sit down with a few biscuits before tea – that night I walked in and put the open packet of biscuits sat next to the kettle into the biscuit barrel and away in the cupboard ( they are still there by the way) – it was only about half a hour later that I realised what I had done! And I haven’t looked back since, not once have I even thought let alone been tempted to eat them

This is a genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU to Angie for the help and encouragement she has given me.

Debbie – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

If you are reading this testimonial then probably like me you have tried every single diet under the sun! This was the position I was in only 12 weeks ago. I knew deep down that dieting was not working and the issues with food and my weight were making me feel very low and depressed. I decided to enquire about the Weight Loss Programme after Angie had carried out some stress management work with myself and colleagues at work.

Angie is friendly, helpful, down to earth and very realistic, after corresponding with her both via email and telephone I decided to commit to the programme. I can honestly say it has changed my life, it is not a magic wand as you have to be prepared to make changes but the changes are straight forward and just become part of your life. The sessions with Angie are informative and give you an opportunity to think of yourself and deal with the real issues which have caused the weight gain. After 13 weeks, I have now finished the Programme with Angie and I am 19 pounds lighter and I can truthfully say I have not weighed, measured or counted calories in the last 12 weeks. I have also enjoyed eating out and being on holiday without the constant thought of what I can and cannot eat!

If you feel desperate about your weight and feel like you have no more options then please believe me when I say you absolutely have. My advice would be to contact Angie and speak to her about the programme, it will be the best thing you ever do.
Debbie – York

Richard W – update

I have now lost 8 stone to date.

Angela J – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

Hello Angie

I have just finished my 11 weeks course with you and i’m delighted that I have lost 20lb in that time. I know I was focused and determined not to be your first failure, no one is more surprised than me that it is working for me and not half as hard as I thought it was going to be. The power of mind is amazing! This is the start and I have quite a way to go to achieve my goal. Although I have been away on a couple of three day business trips and a long weekend break I have still managed to loose between 1lb – 2lb every week rather than been a bit up and down because I have been away, this has given me great conference and the encouragement to continue this lifestyle, it is suiting me not having to weigh or count points etc.

I am just starting to see and feel the benefits of the last eleven weeks and I am feeling good about myself for the first time in years, which is giving me loads of motivation. The energy levels are great and a funny bonus is, I think I am getting a little tidier! – putting away now rather than later, or is it wanting to get more steps in!

I know it has only been 11 weeks since I started, and don’t want to sound smug but I don’t feel as though I am sacrificing anything or trying really hard it is just second nature – even going out for meals I try to make the right choice and don’t feel guilty. The alcohol intake has reduced some what, a bonus and it is not bothering me at all, which is another great surprise! I have just discovered a drink I like at home, the Mojito – crushed ice, muddled mint, fresh lime, Stevia (sugar substitute) Bacardi and soda water! delicious! then when I have finished I fill the same glass up with cold water and I still get the minty flavoured water which is lovely, next time we have friends over I will do the same thing, they will just think I have had a top up and not asking “why aren’t you drinking”.

I am experimenting more with new and different ingredients in the kitchen, with the help of healthy eating cook books – using loads of herbs, ginger, chilli and soya yoghurt (flavoured with either coconut or almonds, I use it as a sauce substitute) I have the 3 small meals a day which I enjoy and am totally satisfied – can’t believe I don’t even think about snacking!
Although some of the “trendy health foods” can be fairly expensive, you don’t use a huge amount and the benefits are certainly worth it. Sometimes I like to cook a little more veg in the evening than required then I use the left overs the next day and make them into a 2 egg frittata. I use a very small pan then it helps with portion control nothing left for tempting seconds! (Denby – designer centre £8 – brilliant).

A HUGE life changing THANK YOU Angie, for putting me on the right road to a healthier and happier life – it is amazing I am an intelligent woman but could not do the positive thinking on my own without your help, a great investment worth every penny, I would recommend you whole heartedly to anyone who is serious about loosing weight.

I am glad I have booked you in for another two sessions in three and six months time, that will keep me more motivated and focused which I know will work for me.

Chris M – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

We all know that losing weight is not so much about food but about what goes on in your head. But all too often it’s impossible to fix the head without help. I’m happy to tell you that Angie can show you how and help you to change those self-destructive habits. I now eat half as much as I once did; I don’t feel hungry and I feel energised and in charge! In 9 weeks I have lost 8 kg.

Update for Christine

Hi Angie I have now lost 6 stone. Thanks to you.

Christine – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

The first I heard of Angie was when I commented on a friends weight loss, as I know she had problems, (as I had) with losing weight. Angie was her secret. I eventually took the plunge and gave Angie a ring, you then wonder why it took you so long, immediately at ease, non judgemental with great sound bites. One of the easiest to follow is “tomorrow is another day”.

With helpful fact sheets or topics there’s plenty to keep you motivated, if the weight loss isn’t enough!! with over 4st gone in 6 months the feeling is GREAT and Angie is genuinely pleased for you, the final lesson is NEVER AGAIN, and if I ever feel as though I’m on that slippery slope again I won’t hesitate to contact Angie. Thank you.

Richard W– Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I used to live in a village about 5 miles from the nearest city, and in June 2013 I finally decided to get my weight under control. Over the next year I kept an eye on my calories every day and had great success losing a lot of weight.

In June 2014 I was finally in a financial position to buy a car. This did not help my weight. It was very hard to resist cakes and sweets from cafés on trips out, and suddenly the 5 miles into town wasn’t such a big deal and 24-hour supermarkets with cakes and biscuits and snacks were moments away.

It was very frustrating seeing my weight loss stop (though, thankfully, it mostly levelled off), but things got worse when I moved to York at the beginning of 2015. Because now the 24-hour supermarkets were even closer, and on top of that I could now pay for takeaways online with my card rather than having to go to the effort of having cash in advance. My weight got out of control again and crept back up quite a bit.

Deciding that my problem was my willpower (or lack there of) I had the idea to try hypnotherapy to fix my attitude to food, and I have absolutely no regrets; it’s worked wonders. I’ve lost more weight in the 2 months doing the course than I had in the year before I started (31.2lbs (2.32 stone) or 14.73kg). When I’m doing the groceries I’ve even taken to walking down the cake aisle recreationally because it’s such fun to be able to do it and genuinely not care about any of the cakes.

Fiona – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

Angie has changed my life! I am free of dieting and forever planning when I can eat. I now enjoy eating sensibly with smaller portions and regular healthy meals. Snacking is not necessary and I love the feeling of happiness I am getting from regular exercise! I will never regret my decision to see Angie and my feeling now is ‘nothing tastes as good as thin feels’ Angie has the knack of making me relax completely and helps me totally trust that I can loose weight and be healthy. My weight loss is now my new way of life rather than a quick fix diet and I really couldn’t be happier! To date lost 1 stone 11lbs or 7.05kg and slowly working towards my weight loss goal.

Pat – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme Yorkshire.

Having gained excess weight on retirement, I knew that I needed to shed it, in order to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I had experienced Hypnotherapy in the past to quit smoking, so was aware of how effective it was. However, the programme that Angie introduced me to was nothing short of brilliant, just so well put together. All the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed! There was no room for excuses or “opting out”, just “taking one day at a time” is an invaluable lesson.

Angie is so natural, down to earth, non judgemental and so so helpful. She tidies up your loose ends and any problems that you may encounter along the way. I have lost weight (17lbs in 11 weeks so far), not quite achieved my goal yet, but I will.

Finally, thank you Angie for your kindness for the time you spent helping me to achieve something that I had almost given up hope of doing. I feel so much better, more energetic, I’ve regained my positive thinking – you are just brilliant.

Emma – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

How it Began
May 2014. After a telephone call with Angie we agreed the Freedom Weight loss programme may the best one for me. it wasn’t just loosing weight I was interested in but gaining confidence and getting active. I was booked in for my first session within 2 days.

The First Session – We began with an informal chat about me,, my lifestyle my habits, hobbies and family. We discussed the reasons I wanted to loose weight and all the many diets (25 years worth) I had previously tried.

The scariest thing was being told to chew my food, instantly I became defensive. After watching a Paul McKenna show I tried the chewing thing but it never worked. I explained to Angie I did not want to put obstacles in the way but I felt chewing my food at least 20 times was probably not going to happen!! Angie smiled at me.
After my session I went straight to the supermarket and bought a note pad to keep a food/mood/ success diary.

The Morning After

EMOTIONAL. I had instructions on the amount of cereal I should put in my bowl. Portion control had previously not been a strong point to my dietary intake. I looked at the bowl and thought ”That is never going to fill me”. I sat at the table and began to eat and without even thinking about it, I was actually chewing my food. I could not eat every thing in the bowl which, had originally looked like a teeny portion. Before I would have eaten everything that was in front of me and suddenly I could stop eating as the signal from my tummy told my brain I had had enough.

And so began my control, the sensation of feeling satisfied and within 1 week a weight loss of 5 pounds.

As the weeks Past – I continued to loose weight slowly but surely, I joined a gym, local to work and attended Monday to Friday and so I began to tone up.

2 Months Later – Still aiming for my target weight, and managing to get there. I have stayed the same for a while but this is due to lifestyle and summer events. The food is not an issue but I do enjoy a glass or two of wine. It used to be four or five glasses but I can, and do, quite easily stop after 2 glasses without even thinking about it.

For the first time in 25 years I am not worried about my weight. I enjoy life and take each day as it comes, and although I haven’t YET reached my target weight last week, Sept 12th I wore a pair of size 10 Skinny Jeans which I bought after my first Hypnotherapy session (size 12 going to 14) and thought – I’ll never get into them.

A massive THANK YOU to Angie. My life is changed completely by living in the present, and for today.

Susan – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme

I have been ruled by food most of my life, how I felt, where I went with my mood, what to wear, can I eat that and always feeling self-conscious. I would loose weight on some fad diet depriving myself of everyday food making excuses why I couldn’t eat. But then I got to a point where I wanted no more diets but I found it difficult to make the right choices. Catch 22! I saw Angie’s advert in a magazine and went on to her web site, watched the videos and listened to her talking about the change she could make to someone who was overweight. I phoned Angie and felt at ease talking to her there was no pressure from her. Angie told me she could help me and that’s what I needed HELP. I was sceptical, but on my first visit I expected the usual weigh in, you can only eat this and not that, impossible goals I suppose I went ready to fail. BUT Eureka no scales, you can eat what you like and you set the goals. No pressure to conform. There are changes to how you eat but it is truly amazing to feel free to be in charge of you. The hypnosis and information you receive along with the CDs you listen to be great. I felt Angie wasn’t just a visit once a week but she was there supporting me everyday if I wanted her too. I still have that support now with my personalised CD. It is not a cheap commitment but when you WEIGH up what you spend on food getting fat it’s a no brainer. Its good to feel good again I do have the odd bad day but so does everyone at the end of the day its my choice I am enjoying being in control and best of all loosing weight. Thank you Angie.

Becka – Freedom Weight Reduction Programme (weight loss hypnotherapy)

When I met Angie to start her 12 week Freedom weight-loss programme, Angie was really personable and I felt at ease very quickly, which is an important element I think if you are going to trust someone to hypnotise you.We had a good chat at the start of the consultation where we talked about what I wanted from the experience and how the programme would work. We set goals and Angie encouraged me to make small but significant changes which, twelve weeks on feel part of my regular daily routines. It has been a real transformational experience in terms of how I relate to food and the sense of control I now have around my eating. Before I started the programme I would say that my biggest battle was emotional eating, thinking about and using food as a comfort during moments of anxiety, boredom or loneliness. Through understanding, advice and the hypnotherapy I have completely changed my relationship to food and no longer feel controlled by hunger or craving. I have lost 9llbs throughout the process and have increased my desire to do exercise and to make better food choices. I also don’t feel like I am on a diet or that I am restricted, instead better choices ultimately pay off both in terms of gradual and continuing weight loss and increased happiness. If you are unsure if this is the right course of action for you, I can say, hand on heart, that this has been a very beneficial experience for me and one that I would totally recommend if you are serious about bringing change into your life.

Interview with Gemma (Freedom Weight Reduction Programme)

Q   When did you start and finish the weight loss programme?
A   I started in September 2011 and finished the Hypnotherapy sessions in December 2011.
  How much weight did you lose on the programme and how much have you lost to date?
A   I lost nearly 2 stone on the programme and I have lost 7 stone so far. I still have a couple of stone to go and did put some weight back on when I had a broken leg.
Q   How was this different to dieting a traditional way e.g. weightwatchers, slimming world?
A   Hypnotherapy makes you think differently about food and viewing it. It’s about making healthy choices and exercising. Not just temporarily cutting certain foods out or having an exercise binge.
Q   What difference has it made to your life?
A   It has made a huge change to the way I live my life. I can now do things I could never do before, as I was so unfit. I spend a lot more time outside, exercising. This has made me happier, less anxious and more motivated to do other hobbies.
Q   Did you feel this weight loss programme was value for money?
A   Committing to something like this is always hard and the amount of money makes you try harder for longer, by the time you would normally start to slack on a diet you have formed new healthy habits.
Q   How did you find out about Angie Doig-Thorne?
A   Through a friend.
Q   Would you recommend Angie and this weight loss programme to anyone else?
A   Yes. If I thought they would commit. Especially to the exercise as I think this is most important for a healthy mindset.
Q   Anything else you would like to add?
A   Exercise is the thing that has stuck. I now love exercise whereas before I hated even walking up the smallest hill. I still make much healthier choices than I used to but the volume of food can be a problem especially when I have done a lot of exercise.
Q   How do you feel about yourself and life now after losing so much weight?
A   I just feel healthier and happier. I don’t look at photos and hate them. It’s nice to know I am fitter and stronger that I ever had been. I never thought I would be capable of losing this is much weight or enjoy exercise but it’s opened up a whole new world to me. My life feels much fuller and happier after Hypnotherapy.
I hope these questions help.  Once again I really appreciate your help.

Kay – Pocklington (Freedom Weight Reduction Programme)

All my life I have felt fat! All my friends were thinner than me or so I thought! I would lose weight time and time again with this diet and then that diet and then gradually the weight piled back on and then some. I never wanted to be thin, just slimmer and be able to wear the clothes I wanted to, to be kind to my body, especially my arthritic knees. I knew that carrying around extra weight was the worst thing for my joints but motivation was what I lacked. Going on a diet meant depriving myself of things I enjoyed and all the time the constant advertising of ‘ because you’re worth it’ justified my poor food choices.

At the age of 63 I decided it was time to grow up and take control but I knew I needed help. I looked for alternatives to diets and slimming clubs; been there, done it and bought several t-shirts. I first tried acupuncture to balance my ‘spleen chi’ and that helped, especially with my IBS but acupuncture can only support weight loss, it is not a weight loss tool in itself. I then trawled the internet looking for alternatives to diets and there was Angie’s name jumping out at me. Yes, I thought, I’ll certainly try hypnotherapy. I had my initial consultation with Angie who was straight talking and told me to be realistic in my expectations of how much weight was realistic for me to lose. I set my own target weight and dress size. No one had told me to do that before. They’d all looked at their charts and told me the ‘ideal weight’ for my height. No wonder I’d given up because my target was unrealistic and not my own.

After my first session with Angie I went away partly motivated and partly sceptical, almost expecting to ‘fail’ again. However, after listening to the CD every day and following Angie’s instructions on meals and meal planning I found it was easier than ever before. I was deprived of nothing and felt really good. I bought an exercise DVD and started walking for exercise. The exercise made me feel good. Never before had this happened. I didn’t feel hungry and the weight started to come off at a healthy rate.

I no longer obsess about food night and day. I eat nourishing and healthful food with the odd treat built in. I feel more motivated to exercise and Angie told me during my last session with her that I was ‘glowing’. So far I have lost 19 pounds and although I still have a way to go, I have no doubts I shall reach my target weight. Angie and her hypnotherapy for weight loss have given me this certainty and motivation and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Angie! Big Time!

Louise – York (Freedom Weight Reduction Programme)

I took the plunge in July 2013 and decided I finally needed to do something about my continuing weight problem.

My life revolved around food – as soon as I woke up I thought about food and continued to do so all day until I went to bed – I was slowly killing myself and knew that I couldn’t continue to live my life this way.

I rang Angie and had my first session on 31st July – I weighed 19 stone 12lbs.

From that first session my life has changed dramatically I now no longer constantly think about food or crave it – my portion sizes (one of my biggest problems) are now correct – I eat 3 meals a day and don’t feel the need to be eating something continually.  On an evening I am no longer watching the TV and thinking what can I have to eat – those 2 slices of toast dripping with butter are a thing of the past and are going to stay there!

I work in an office where chocolate is available all day every day and prior to meeting Angie I would be eating it all the time – I no longer feel the need or have the urge to do so – this is something that I would never have thought possible!

I have now completed my 6 sessions and in 10 weeks I have lost 1st 6lbs – something that I never thought I would achieve when I started  – in fact prior to my sessions with Angie I would have been more likely to have put 1st 6lbs on in 10 weeks rather than losing it!

I feel so much more positive about my life now and it’s great when people who haven’t seen me for a while comment on how well I look and ask me have I been losing weight.  I still have a long way to go but I feel I am now on the way to achieving my goal weight of 14 stones and am determined to get there!

I would recommend Angie to anyone and in fact I have already done so – all I can say is THANK YOU Angie you’ve changed my life.


Karen Freedom update

On my first visitI expressed my wish for “gastric band’ hypnotherapy, but after a long and detailed chat about my relationship with food, emotional eating, clearing my plate etc. Angie felt the way forward, with my agreement, would be the Weight control, Hypnotherapy & You weight reduction program that put me in control, with the target weight loss of 39 lb in 26 weeks.
I started on 15/4/2013 and had my last session on 25/6/2013, losing 19 lb in the 10 week period.
I found the sessions really helpful in all areas, choosing portion sizes, food choices and giving me confidence in myself. I now have a much healthier lifestyle and relationship with food, and continue to listen to my program CD’s on a regular basis to keep me motivated to achieve my target weight loss.
Thanks for all your help Angie,

Debbie – Freedom Weight Loss Programme

Having succeeded in the past with great weight loss using every diet known to man but then losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve by putting weight on, yet again – I contacted Angie. I felt like this was my last chance to live a more healthier and active way of life. What I thought I wanted was just help putting my head in order to enable me to lose a lot of weight and keeping it off for life – what I got was so much more. 

After initially speaking to Angie she thought the WHY programme was the way forward for me. So 12weeks, 6 sessions and a fortnight summer holiday later I have lost 1stone 10.25lbs (during the holiday I gained 0.25lbs!!!) Angie encouraged me to focus on the right things to eat – not giving me a diet to follow but showing me how to make the right choices whether in food or exercise but mainly trusting myself to make those choices.

During our time together, other things came to light why my mind wasn’t giving me a chance to make ME a priority rather than everything and everyone else – it wasn’t just overeating/eating wrong food but stresses in my life I didn’t realise were impacting on me and my life. Angie helped me to see that I mattered just as much as they did. Using the CDs, the personal programme for me and also through the ‘homework’, Angie has given me strategies to cope with it all and most of all giving me the belief and secure knowledge that I MATTER and I must take care of myself both physically and mentally because I deserve it just as much as anyone else.

The changes happened from session 1 and intensified over the following 5 sessions. I was easily making the right choices about food, exercise but mainly about ME!!! I suddenly got back the enthusiasm for wanting to exercise (out of nowhere) and all of the things I do make me happy and positive. People have commented on how well I look physically – bright and bouncy and also, ‘nice to see the old you back’ – and that is how I feel – I AM BACK and most of all …!! I went on holiday for a fortnight intending to enjoy myself but secretly hoping that after 5 sessions I had enough about me to do the right thing – and I did!! I had a wonderful holiday and put 0.25lbs on whilst my hubby had put on 8lbs!!!! Overjoyed wasn’t the word for my feelings.

Yes, there is still a very long way to go – but hey, that is because I am going to live longer and fit more into the life I am living – this change is for the rest of my life – and I truly believe that!! No doubt there will be a few ‘ups and downs’ but that is life, the difference is, I know how to deal with the ‘downs’ and they are not going to win ever again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Angie to anyone looking to lose weight and changing to a much more healthier lifestyle. – Just go for it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain … and I mean EVERYTHING.

Most of all I can’t thank Angie enough for giving me back my life – even after this short period of time.

Steve FREEDOM – update

Steve has now lost a total of 6 stone 8lbs since his first session on the WHY (Weight Control, Hypnotherapy & You) weight loss programme. Congratulations to you Steve.

Proof that the weight can come off slowly, safely and stay off through lifestyle changes and Hypnotherapy sessions.

Update – Steve, York Freedom weight loss

Hi Angie,
Just wanted to let you know that today I achieved the target weight I set with you last September. That’s 5st 3lbs lost in five and a half months. Woohoo!
Of course, nothing changes from here. I will just carry on with all the good habits you helped me to form. I still want to lose another stone and a half and this will probably take another 3 months as the rate of weight-loss has understandably slowed recently. I can’t keep losing a stone a month or I’ll disappear before Christmas!
Thanks again for all your help in getting my head in the right place re diet and exercise. It really has made a fantastic difference to me.

Best wishes,


Steve, York – Weight Loss, Freedom Weight Loss

I contacted Angie seeking help with getting my mind in the right place to lose a significant amount of weight and lead a much healthier lifestyle, after being overweight all my life up to now. She recommended her WHY programme. Two and a half months later I have lost over 3 stone and I’m well on my way to my target weight. And it’s not even been difficult. Indeed, I have really enjoyed it and have now settled into a new healthy routine and relationship with food and exercise.

As well as the hypnotherapy sessions to instill the right mental approach, I also found it incredibly helpful that Angie was also able to tailor what I needed to be doing to my specific circumstances, e.g. at home and at work. She also focused on what are the RIGHT things to eat and do, i.e. positive actions, rather than a long list of things NOT to eat or do. This means that you are always thinking positive thoughts about planning meals and exercise, rather than always dwelling on what you’re not allowed to eat or do, which I regarded as crucial to success.

Heartfelt thanks, Angie, for setting me off on the right road for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else looking to lose weight and make a permanent change to a new healthy lifestyle. Steve

Suzanne, York – Hypnotherapy, Freedom weight loss

Angie is a patient, understanding and highly empathetic therapist; she is thoroughly skilled at her job and completely trustworthy. I have struggled with body image issues for as long as I can remember. Angie helped me to overcome some of those problems 9 years ago, when I was lucky enough to discover her working at Emporer’s Gymn as a personal trainer. I was thrilled to reconnect with her more recently and learn about the possibilities hypnotherapy has to offer. I initially consulted with Angie hoping that she would help me develop some strategies to cope with some pretty major stresses in my life, and she has done this and more. Because Angie has some expertise in both body and mind, she has also helped me to safely and sensibly lose weight, and build up my self-confidence, as well as coping with stress. I have particularly appreciated the practical strategies Angie has taught me, the CDs and the personally-tailored programme she offers. It has been a real pleasure working with her and I have recommended her to many colleagues and friends. Suzanne (York)

Sally McGurn, York – Hypnotherapy, Virtual Gastric Band

“I visited Angie on 10th January 2011 for Hypnotherapy to help me with weight loss. After an in depth consultation with Angie, I decided to proceed with the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss programme. Since the 10th January I have lost 9lbs and I am continuing to lose weight safely and slowly. I feel more in control and all I have to do is keep this mind set and fit in a bit more exercise and I know I can slowly get to a healthy body. The hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to re-gain control over my eating habits and exercise, as well as giving me coping strategies for cravings and head hunger. The extra follow-up CDs are helping me to feel confident that I can really achieve lasting results, after having tried so many times over the last fifty years.”

Nicola from York – Hypnotherapy

“Angie is currently supporting me in my need to take control of my weight and eating habits which have caused me frustration and angst. She has far surpassed my expectations and we have covered diet, confidence, relationships and career so that I understand why I have, in the past, binge eaten.

Since the first session with Angie, which was less than six months ago, I have completely changed. I feel happier, more confident and stronger in my resolve. The most surprising thing is that I have not had to sweat blood and tears to get to the “new me”. I also know that the “new me” is for the rest of my life.

Angie has really given me the opportunity to open up my subconscious mind, relax and make positive change. She listens to me, offers guidance without being judgemental and I look forward to our hypnotherapy sessions. I wish that I had met Angie years ago and recommend her services to anyone who wants to live their life to the full.”

Rachel – York

Angie you have mangageded to achieve what no-one else has over the last 15 years. I am back to pre-child weight and feel fantastic. My husband loves the new me. Friends and relatives are amazed at the changes they see in me (not just physical). My exercise programmes are easy to follow and such fun. I wish i had come to see you years ago.