Hypnotherapy Testimonials for confidence

I have successfully worked with hundreds of people from all over Yorkshire and beyond, helping them to achieve their goals and outcomes.  Even today I am amazed at the changes that can take place.  If you have an issue and recognise this, it’s a start; if you then seek help with that issue you are halfway to resolving your issue.  For change to take place, you have to really want that change and do something about it.

These Hypnotherapy testimonials are from clients who have lacked confidence whilst singing, playing the flute and job interviews.

Kathy, confidence for performing

I am usually a confident person, but uncontrollable nerves were affecting me when singing solo. I just had to do something about this because now came my chance to shine. After just one hypnotherapy session with you Angie I was amazed at the steadiness and control I had and my voice was strong and confident.  A second hypnotherapy session cemented a lasting confidence in my ability and I am over the moon. Thanks Angie

Judith of York – confidence for performing

I achieved a Distinction in my grade 7, so I am very pleased.  It seems nerves are under control and the more I do the better they will get.  Many thanks for your help.

Barbara F

I just wanted to say that the 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy for interview nerves/confidence worked so well.  I flew through the interviews,  calmly and confidently.  Most importantly I got the job and I was offered more money.

Thanks for your help Angie