These are some of the testimonials that I have received from clients who have overcome their fears and phobias, leaving them free to get on with their lives.

Louise, York – Hypnotherapy, fear of flying

Hi Angie, well I did it!! Back from spain managed both ways. The cd you gave me was brilliant. I put it on my ipod and used it after take off. I wouldn’t say I was cart wheeling down the aisle but I did it and I felt surprisingly calm. Thank you!!! Kind regards Louise

Claire – Fear of flying

I had a great nights sleep after the Hypnotherapy session. Didn’t need diazepam, was absolutely fine on the flight and really enjoyed our holiday.

Noel Dickenson, York (aged 54) – Hypnotherapy

I went to see York Hypnotherapist Angie Doig-Thorne after suffering for many years with a massive fear of heights. My partner had booked a holiday to Tenerife in the hopes it would spur me on to get help with my fear of heights. I had never flown before, so needless to say I was petrified at the thought of flying.

After having 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Angie, I was confident enoughto set off on holiday to Tenerife. I had no problems at the airport and once we were airborne I enjoyed the flight. We had a wonderful holiday and a great flight back.
This was an amazing achievement for me and I am really looking forward to my next holiday. I can’t thank Angie enough, I had no intention of ever flying, but with Angie’s help I have achieved what I thought was impossible.


I saw York Hypnotherapist Angie Doig-Thorne for a fear of spiders. Just wanted to say the hypnotherapy sessions continue to work fantastically. I can now walk into a room and if there is a spider I no longer panic or stress out. Thanks