York’s first Hypno AntiDepressant Approved Licensed Practitioner.

Hypno AntiDepressant

Depressed, or are you at your wits end feeling overwhelmed, down, flat or blue?  Would you benefit from a Solution Focused Support to help Motivate you to Move Forward from your Depression? Do you have a constant feeling of being numb, numb to life and emotions?   Do you want to escape the cage that doesn’t seem to have a key?  If you answer yes to these questions, the Hypno Anti Depressant programme can help you.

Some common symptoms of depression include:

  • continuous low mood or sadness
  • feeling hopeless and helpless
  • having low self-esteem and low confidence
  • feeling tearful
  • feeling guilt-ridden
  • feeling irritable or intolerant of others
  • having no motivation or interest in things
  • finding it difficult to make decisions
  • not getting any enjoyment out of life
  • feeling anxious or worried

What is the Hypno AntiDepressant Program?


This is a 6 session solution focused program that supports people who suffer with stress, anxiety and mild to moderate depression.  It has been featured as a Health Innovation in the Sunday Telegraph.  The Hypno AntiDepressant Programme is about giving you tools and strategies as well as Hypnotherapy and Coaching Support to enable you to move forward in life. It takes you on a journey to go from feeling low and useless to feeling good, happy and positive.

Imagine waking up from that permanent state of exhaustion and actually feeling refreshed on a daily basis. You can feel emotions because you’re actually living life now, not just existing in a lethargic fog.

This program helps you to de-bug your depression by implementing a number of agreed interventions that take place over several weeks.

You get help and support to build supreme self esteem to help ensure you dissociate self doubt and integrate confidence.

You learn to use a number of tried and tested ‘Mood Magic’ techniques to enable you to move forward in life.

The sessions are extremely motivational, upbeat and positive.  Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs, it isn’t one size fits all. The changes that take place, happen so fast and it is so positive and uplifting to the changes from week to week in each person that I work with.

I know what it’s like to be in that pit of despair, to worry about anything and everything, to be so stressed and anxious and just existing instead of living a full life.  I started focusing on what could go right, I developed a positive mindset and a different way of thinking - living life just one day at a time, today.

If I can do it then so can you.

Change your mindset and change your life.

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