Read the testimonials below that have been given by clients who have successfully overcome issues and successfully reached their goals.

Fran's Testimonial on how she changed her life with Hypno AntiDepressant Programme

stressed woman

Six months ago I decided I’d had enough of the old me. For too many years I’d felt worthless, suffered from low self-esteem, felt routinely ‘down’, tearful at the ‘drop of a hat’ and lived with the sense that I’d achieved nothing in life. Medication dulled these feelings but I wanted to find another way.

I’d already met Angie in person; caring and passionate about helping others, I warmed to her down- to-earth manner & no nonsense approach. She was a person I could trust.

Through her online sessions Angie has helped me challenge long-held beliefs about myself and has motivated me to be the best version of me. She has given me the tools & techniques to lift myself out of the ‘fog’ I often found myself in and to confidently take things one day at a time.

After just six sessions with Angie I feel like a different person. Each session, tailored to my needs, has helped me focus and work on areas in my life which cause me stress. I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy element, incredibly relaxing with the unexpected bonus that afterwards I routinely had a fantastic night’s sleep and felt so positive for the following day!

I would certainly recommend Angie’s hypno anti-depressant programme. The new me is calmer, in control and more confident. Thank you Angie, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Fran G.

York Man Ditches His Depression with Hypno AntiDepressant Programme – Neil

In January I was really struggling with stress and depression. Although I’d had problems with it on and off for a few years, this was the first time it had got so bad that I needed to get support for it. It had started to impact on my life in too many ways to carry on the way I was so I started to look for what treatment was available.

I found Angie via Facebook and was pleased that she was able to see me almost straight away – the NHS offered me a 6-12 month waiting list for support services from them. My only experience of hypnosis before this was on stage in an entertainment show in Tenerife on holiday, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I completed a PHQ-9 questionnaire in advance, so that Angie could get an idea of how bad things were.

At my first session, straight away Angie put me at ease and talked me through her background and experience. I explained everything that was happening with me and what I was hoping to get from the time with her. Angie explained how each session would work and tailored the content to my situation. The treatment room is very relaxing and the perfect environment to relax and open up.

At each session, we’ve re-done the questionnaire and my stress/depression levels have dropped each time. I think this has been due to the calm, confident approach Angie takes to her work and the excellent stress and anxiety management techniques she gave me which complemented the hypnosis itself. I left each session confident with going back into the real world and tackling whatever was coming my way.

I’d like to thank Angie for the compassionate and supportive way she has helped through a difficult period and I would recommend Angie to anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. Thank you Angie!

York Woman Sam Mason Smashes Anxiety and Depression with Hypno AntiDepressant Programme!

I can’t quite believe the difference in how I feel now in comparison to how I felt when I had my first hypnotherapy with Angie back on the 13th of November.  I was feeling massively overwhelmed, frantic and fed up. The overwhelm came from trying to do too much and letting work and family life get on top of me. This then led to feelings of low confidence, anxiety, frustration and worthlessness. I was so ‘busy’ that life felt like trying to plough through thick fog and even the simplest of tasks was monumental.

I’ve suffered from episodes of anxiety since I was 17. I’ve tried various types of therapies with some success but the overwhelm always manages to creep back and I’m back to square one. I’m very open to therapies so I wasn’t at all apprehensive about my first appointment with Angie but I was unsure what to expect.

Firstly, Angie’s treatment room is very comfortable and comforting with relaxing music. Angie was thorough when explaining to me how hypnotherapy works and what I should expect. We discussed at length how I was feeling and how I would like to feel. Angie asked me questions

from the PHQ-9 questionnaire and I scored a 22, which wasn’t great.

However, after the first hypnosis treatment, I left feeling wonderful. I felt a lightness that I haven’t felt in ages!

What I love about how Angie works is that she’s very matter of fact in such a positive way. There’s no uncertainty, Angie will help you and you will feel better. Angie is so passionate about her work and I felt confident in her company. Angie has helped me prioritise my day-to-day tasks and control my anxiety/mild depression with really practical and useful tools like EFT tapping, journaling and positive self-talk.

A great example of how my mindset has shifted –

In our first appointment, Angie told me to write a list each day with a maximum of 6 things that I needed to do that day. I internally scoffed; there was absolutely no way that I could only prioritise 6 things, I was far to busy and had so much to do.

Now, after 4 sessions, I struggle to write 6 things. I plan my day and I get through what I need to do and I feel so much calmer!  I feel more alert, energised and most importantly, I feel happier.

In every session we’ve redone the PHQ-9 questionnaire and with each one, my score has decreased. My last score was 0; this is a huge testament to how much Angie has helped me!

I can’t thank Angie enough for all the help she’s given me and how much better I feel. I would recommend Angie to anyone who is struggling with anxiety/mild depression or, anyone who is feeling emotionally stuck, she works wonders!  Thank You, Angie.

Louise's Testimonial – Severe anxiety and fear of travelling

calm & relaxed

I recently had had three sessions of hypnotherapy with Angie to help me with severe anxiety.

I was due to travel abroad after the second session, something that had previously caused me a lot of worry and stress, to the point we had not been abroad for over 10 years.

The sessions of hypnotherapy together with the coping strategies Angie gave me meant I had a relaxed journey and holiday. My husband could not believe how chilled out I was before we went. Many thanks Angie.

Dawn's Testimonial – Social anxiety & public speaking testimonial

I went to Angie for help as I had found myself starting to panic in situations both in and out of work, particularly when I had to speak in front of groups of people. It was getting progressively worse, to the point that I had started to avoid situations and felt I was missing out on opportunities.

Through Hypnotherapy Angie helped me to rationalise my feelings and concerns and let go of the negative feelings I was having. After 3 sessions I managed to get through what would normally have been a difficult almost traumatic situation for me at work with a calm confidence. At my request, I had one more session to help in the lead up to a training course that before our sessions I had been contemplating dropping out of. In the week before the course, I was calm, unconcerned and almost looking forward to attending which I found unbelievable. I sailed through the weekend and am confident that I can get through anything now.

Angie also gave me some techniques to use at home to help in the future which I
practice regularly.I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with Angie.

Thanks Angie.

Adam – stopping smoking

I came to see Angie as a last resort to stop smoking.  I had tried everything from nicorette patches to e-cigarettes and nothing had worked.  I wanted to be smoke free for health reasons and for the sake of my family and friends.  It’s now been 5 weeks since my session and I haven’t touched a cigarette.  I’ve gone from smoking 20+ a day to absolutely none.  I still had cravings for a week or so after the Hypnotherapy session but I was in full control of them and was never close to lighting up a cigarette.  My chest already feels better and I have more energy.  My clothes and car don’t stink anymore either, so it’s positive all round.

Sarah – Phobia of needles & Hypno Birthing

Olivia Mae was born at 36 weeks and 2 days, weighing 7lbs 1 oz. I had my bloods done and a cannula in my hand…but I only did it on gas and air…. thank you.

Johnny – anxiety issues related to public speaking

I visited Angie for anxiety issues related to public speaking and giving presentations to groups of people. Following 4 sessions I have manged to overcome this issue and now feel relaxed and confident. Angie’s sessions enabled me to deliver an important presentation calmly and confidently that received good feedback, I would recommend these sessions to anyone with similar issues.

Tiziana – Fear of taking the underground

I went to see Angie at the beginning of January this year because, over the years, I had become more and more anxious, phobic and paranoid about taking the underground (no idea why!). I had an important work/study trip coming up in August in China and I knew I would have had to take the underground in a big city, in the heat and with thousands of people in it. The mere thought left me paralysed with fear and dread.

I had three sessions of hypnotherapy with Angie who was very professional, caring and understanding of my fears.

Finally the real “test” arrived when I had to take the metro in China, and when I did that I realised I had no fear or anxiety whatsoever. I felt calm and in control and it was just like taking a walk in the park. It was a marvellous feeling.

I cannot thank Angie enough and I would strongly recommend her and her hypnotherapy sessions for any form of phobia, fear or anxiety.

Jan From York – Hypnotherapy for teeth grinding & clenching jaw (Bruxism)

Hi Angie, just to let you know that I am no longer troubled by Bruxism or other related problems. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the help you have given to me. Although my emotional issues are less prominent in my life, hopefully they will become easier to deal with with the help and advice you have given to me. Thanks once again Angie, you are an absolute star!!!!.   Also my muffin top is no more!!  Jan

Stress related Hair Twiddling Testimonial

I visited Angie a to deal with a stress related issue, I have twiddled with my hair since I was a child and it got to the point where it was getting thinner and had stopped growing and one of my children had started to copy this habit. Although I have tried to stop for many years I have not been successful until I attended one 1 hour session with Angie. I am still amazed at what happened as the effect was immediate and not only have I not twiddled my hair I have had the added benefit of feeling calmer and more in control of other areas of my life.

David from York – Hypnotherapy

I visited Angie to kick a 25 year smoking habit and also learn stress reducing techniques to improve my golf game. I’ve never smoked since and more importantly don’t feel the urge to smoke. I’ve also learnt how to preserve that all important golf Medal card when the going gets tough. All this after just two, one hour sessions.

Mike, Brid – stop smoking testimonial

I just want to say thanks to Angie for helping me to stop smoking after I have failed so many times over the last 10 years. I tried patches, gum and medication and none of them worked. Not only have I quit a 25 cigarettes a day habit, but I am more relaxed and confident too. I have also saved enough money to go on holiday to America, something I have only ever dreamed about doing previously.

Nigel (help with alcohol addiction.)

I am working from home today and I thought I would update you with things.

Well I am now into my 29th week without anything to drink and I went all through Christmas and New Year without having any desire to have one. I find myself when going round Supermarket’s and seeing people buying alcohol with the urge to go to them and tell them how good things are without it !!!

Thanks for all your help.

Regards, Nigel

Caroline, York – Hypnotherapy for Acid Reflux

After suffering from the painful symptoms of reflux for over two and a half years I went to see Angie. I was apprehensive about having hypnotherapy but felt at ease straight away. She was informal and re-assuring. Her course of hypnotherapy and EFT helped greatly towards managing the pain and reducing the symptoms. Also with Angie’s understanding of nutrition she advised me which foods to eliminate from my diet. I am now feeling confident that should my symptoms return I can use her techniques to manage, overcome the reflux and most importantly get on with my life. Thank you Angie.

Martyn Turnbull – Hypnotherapy

I have suffered with neck and restricted upper body movements for the last few years. Throughout this time I have spent a lot of money on physiotherapists, chiropractors as well as having to take anti-inflammatory tablets on a daily basis (just to get through the day), this was my normal daily life.

I believed the pain and restricted movement was down to a few old injuries catching up with me. That was until I decided to try Clinical Hypnotherapy with Angie.

After four sessions the tension in my neck and back had disappeared and the difference that hypnotherapy made to my working day is unbelievable. I am now playing sport again and I’ve stopped taking the anti-inflammatory tablets. This is an incredible find and I urge people to try this therapy with an open mind, it really does work. Many thanks Angie.

Elizabeth Davies, York – Hypnotherapy

This is to confirm my complete satisfaction with the hypnotherapy treatment given to me by Angie Doig-Thorne, for relief of constant daily pain in my back and help with sleeplessness. In both instances I am very delighted with the results and would recommend both hypnotherapy and Angie very highly.

easi-birthing in York – Jane’s testimonial

When I became pregnant with my second child I decided that I wanted to use an alternative to the usual pain relief on offer at the birth. I decided to attend hypnotherapy sessions with Angie, as a friend had recommended her to me. I was a little nervous about the process but I found that Angie was very understanding and placed me at ease from the outset. She explained the process fully to me and I found that the 5 sessions that I attended really set me up for a far more relaxing birthing programme. I was able to have my son without additional pain relief, despite the fact that he was a 9 1/2 pound baby. I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Angie.

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