How much sugar do you ingest daily?

How much sugar do you ingest daily including in your drinks, snacks etc.?

Do you know what the recommended daily allowance is for adults and children? Adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars daily (approximately 6 heaped teaspoons). Children aged 7 to 10, no more than 24g (about 5 teaspoons) and children 4 to 6 no more than 19g a day (4 heaped teaspoons).

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What are free sugars?

Free sugars are what we call any sugar that has been added to food and drinks. Or sugar that is already in syrup, honey and fruit juice – not inside the cells of the food that we choose to eat. Sugar that is in milk, fruit and veg doesn’t appear to have a negative impact on our health, they also have fibre which is an extra nutrient. However, when fruit is turned into smoothies or juice, the sugars come out and the fibre is lost – so you could be consuming more sugar than you realise.

The simple Creme Egg has 26.5g of sugar in it, that’s approximately 6.5 teaspoons. How many Creme eggs are devoured over the Easter period, I wonder? Sugar is the biggest cause of obesity in the western world and it is everywhere in food. The two most highly processed foods with sugar in are bread and cereals.

“Overeating sugar can manifest negatively on the skin. From premature ageing, loss of collagen and weakened elastin, fine lines, and acne (as a result of overproduction of sebum) and inflammation on the skin,” says Justine Masters, UK-based certified skin therapist and holistic facial expert.

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of coconut trees and is a healthier option to many other forms of sweetener that contain chemicals etc. At the end of the day moderation is key, you can have your cake and eat it -just not every day! To learn more about sugar and the impact on your body/diabetes click here.

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